Congress Should Send Its ’50-Year-Old Pappu’ To Political Playschool: Naqvi Slams Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai: Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi slammed the Congress party and its leader saying the party should consider sending Rahul Gandhi to a “political playschool” to understand the country’s culture, traditions and to get rid of his “lack of political knowledge”.

Naqvi told ANI, “The family should send its 50-year-old Pappu to a political playschool. Feudal attitudes and abusive language will not stop until he is sent to a political playschool. He does not understand the country’s culture, traditions, and beliefs. Baseless rumors to create a political uproar. Sometimes he questions the security, economy, and even leadership of the country.” 

“Such words can only come from those who are ignorant. You keep abusing the Prime Minister day in and day out. Use slang for him. The words which are used by him have not been seen in the country’s history and politics. It is high time to get it corrected,” he added.

Naqvi’s remarks come a day later after Gandhi had called the Prime Minister “Surender” Modi, referring to an article on the India China border dispute.

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Naqvi concluded saying that Congress is committing one mistake after the other on the issue of China and assured that the “country is completely safe in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

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