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Constructive Feedbacks Are The Steps On The Ladder To Success: Ali Merchant, Founder And CEO, AM Infoweb

I always ensure that all criticisms are viewed through the lens of the ACE triangle states Ali Merchant, Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb.

This is an excerpt from an interview with a man who has weaved his way to the top and defined success in his inimitable way. We are talking about Ali Merchant, a passion-preneur, philanthropist, life coach, and CEO of AM Infoweb, a leading Health Information Management Outsourcing company. In this interview, he has shared invaluable insights on the concept of feedback or rather the effect of feedback at the workplace.

Criticisms have a way of affecting people. According to you, how do workplace criticisms work?

Ali says, “What are criticisms but feedbacks! I’d like to refer to them as feedbacks. And it is common knowledge that feedbacks are the edifice of growth and improvement. If everyone were to praise each other even when a situation calls for improvement, how can we expect to grow? So, value the feedbacks over the appreciations. Not that they are to be undervalued, praises and applause act as incentives to keep working hard. But feedbacks drive you to grow and achieve your goals.”

Absolutely agree. And let us touch upon the topic of unfair feedbacks. How to deal with it at work?

He states, “Positives and negatives are an integral part of life and work. We already know that we are supposed to focus on the positives. But how many of us do it successfully? Self-assessment is the key. If you know your skills and your work, no one can take it away from you. If you are confident that you’ve been unjustifiably criticized, you need to take a call. Always remember, your reaction to a negative situation can speak volumes about you. I also understand how, frustrating and undeserving it can feel when baseless feedbacks are intended towards someone. In severe cases, there are people you can reach out to and discuss the matter within the organization. While in many cases, it is best to do it mutually and amicably. I have personally come across a few individuals who have reached out to me in the context, a couple of times.”

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And how did you handle them?

Ali confides, “Like I already mentioned, self-assessment is a great way to ascertain if the feedbacks are concrete and have a constructive undercurrent to it. Personally, I resort to the ACE triangle philosophy for better clarity. And that is exactly how I approached their problem.”

How does the ACE triangle help under these circumstances?

“It is wise to check if you are analyzing feedback with the right attitude, right competence or skills, and right ethics. If yes and the feedback seems fair enough, consider it as a reward for your work. I know how our client feedbacks have helped us grow over the years. Constructive feedbacks are the steps on the ladder to success.”

“I always ensure that all feedbacks are viewed through the lens of the ACE triangle. If they are genuine, follow-up and if they are unreasonable; remember, you either learn how to do it right or how not to do it wrong? Either way, you LEARN from both – good and bad experiences.”

When it comes to mentoring, Ali Merchant has aced the skill like no other. We are confident that our readers now have a definitive guideline to self-assess and evaluate any situation at their workplace. We are grateful for this opportunity and hope to get more insights in the future from the Passionpreneur – Ali Merchant.

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