COVID-19: Mumbai Police Ensures Surveillance Through Drones

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police is using drones to monitor people on the streets during the national 21-day India bandh starting Tuesday and making sure they stay indoors or maintain social distance.

Through drones, police are able to keep track of the narrow streets inside the city, while through warnings they alert people to stay.

“Brothers and sisters, curfew has been imposed till 14 April. You are requested not to move out of your homes. This is the only way to stop the spread of coronavirus. If you are found stepping out of your homes without any valid reason, you will be charged under Section 188 of the IPC,” the Police announcement said.

The state health department said the total number of coronavirus-positive cases in Maharashtra reached 124 on Thursday, where two new cases of infection were reported in Thane and Mumbai respectively.

According to the update of the Union Ministry of Health, on Thursday morning (10.15 minutes), the number of coronavirus cases in the country is 649. 593 COVID-19 active cases.

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