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CWC Appoints Sonia Gandhi As Interim President, Accepts Rahul Gandhi Resignation

Mumbai: After CWC held a meeting for the second time in a day in Delhi the party elected Sonia Gandhi as interim president of Indian National Congress party.

Meanwhile, the CWC has also accepted Rahul Gandhi’s resignation as the leader refused to continue as the party’s chief.

In a press conference after the CWC meeting, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala and KC Venugopal said the committee thanked Rahul Gandhi leadership and thanked him for his untiring efforts to lead the party.

Surjewala went on to say how Gandhi had fought for the rights of common people. Surjewala said the Committee requested Rahul Gandhi to stay on as president but he was adamant on his decision.

The CWC unanimously appealed to Rahul Gandhi to lead the party as he was the best person for the top post at the time when the BJP-led government was assaulting democracy and undermining people’s rights,” Surjewala said.

However, Gandhi refused to reconsider his decision, following which the CWC began consultations on finding his successor under five regional sub-groups led by senior party leaders.

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