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Darshan Somaiya – India’s Own Tony Robbins!

Image Quote: Darshan Somaiya's motto - Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!

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Each of us has everything we need to succeed within ourselves, if we can only learn to access and maximize it, that is called personal power. The benefits of having an expert advise you on personal and professional growth is worth the investment for career development.

The Bhagwat Gita has all the tools for all forms of coaching but primarily it holds the golden, compelling truth of maintaining one’s equilibrium and focus when faced with a goal that may seem insurmountable.

At a tender, impressionable age of 10 Darshan Somaiya’s mother who was a spiritual artist educated and nurtured him on the incomparable knowledge of the Gita. His was a middle-class family steeped in spiritualism. A humble home where four generations before him had no experience in the business. His mother’s teaching and encouragement led him to preach the Bhagwat Gita more than 8 times before he turned 18.

Like every mother’s noble intuition Darshan’s mother knew by the magnetic spark in his eyes that he was made to be a leader. She rented Tony Robbins DVD with the intent of opening up the world of possibilities for him.

This is how young Darshan Somaiya trained himself to be an unparallel trainer and coach. Equipping himself with the knowledge of the Gita and the know-how from the west he is a catalyst for changing the way people perceive themselves and live an extraordinary life by giving them mastery of two skills

Science of achievement

Art of fulfilment

Darshan Somaiya is an NLP master who teaches business leaders, and individuals effectively, efficiently and profitably focusing on how to thrive in any economic time with strategies, blueprints, and tactics he learnt from the 7 world-class mentors, 51+ millionaires, and 21 billionaires.

Dashan’s expertise in professional development is transformational.

As a trusted advisor he supports them in developing new skills, navigating political environments, challenging ideas, and encouraging career development. Most professionals who make it to the executive level cite Darshan’s in-depth knowledge as an important contributor to their career success.

This leading business mentor of India yearns to change lives. He makes people believe that when there is courage, confidence and strong belief no matter what the impediments, obstacles or struggles may be, you are on a highway to success. He is also the founder of the 1% CLUB community where he encourages his mentees to have a growth mindset, which is to be open-minded, get comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, and show strong situational awareness to have a greater sense of purpose in life.

Darshan is a high ticketing expert, who has accomplished much at such a young age

CEO and founder of 3 multi-millionaire companies and Amazon’s number 1 best seller.

He is the founder of the Ultimate millionaire Blueprint movement where India’s leading media personality DIVYA BHASKAR called him INDIA’s own Tony Robbins! He has been featured in 53+ media and newspapers to date.

This spiritual artist will help you connect with your ultimate purpose, ignite your passion and create a plan to achieve fulfilment, success and happiness in every area of your life, through powerful and insightful sessions to push you and your company to 10X heights!

Darshan is a holistic coach whose ultimate goal is to work with a relentless passion for 150 days and 100 days to travel and network with his mentors. While travelling to some of the most spectacular destinations from Dubai to Singapore, expanding his holistic experience at the Himalayas he also feeds his adventurous side by sky diving and trekking. No amount of money and success can take the place of time spent with family and so 100 days with the family, love and close relationships is an absolute must for him.

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