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Are Nutrition Consultations Really Fair?

In the world of meeting up the targets and achieving the predetermined number of incentives in the fitness industries or corporates, we have few quacks who just aim to either market, “the so called” brand and fit the product to gain the incentives. Are we really doing justice to our clients?  Clients come with a hope of achieving their goal, and we, plot a plan to achieve our personal goal. True, we are in this monetary world we need to be professional but we try to make a ritual to follow the tactics of marketing different programs and products as we get a cut on it.

Isn’t this true my dearest nutritionists and dietitians?

Few things which you need to know before signing up with a dietitian.

  • Is she/he just a nutritionist or a dietitian too?

 Remember a nutritionist is not a dietitian but a dietitian is a nutritionist too…

  • Is she/he insisting you to buy a particular brand product only ?

If he /she is genuine, you would be trained to know how to read labels and buy from a                              spectrum of products.

  • Is she/he focusing on your biochemical parameters or randomly sketching the plan on sheet!?

In today’s world due to major metabolic disorders we enter a vicious cycle, it’s better to have things black and white than being overconfident about one’s immunity.

  • What are their credentials?  (Don’t feel shy to ask them) .

Most of them are just clinical or just Sports Nutritionist, some are just diabetic educators and few have just done XYZ course for few months without proper accreditation. So, it’s always best to sign up with the one who owns credentials of a clinical and sports nutrition background.

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