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Doctors Meet Organized To Discuss Advancements In Neurosciences

Advent of technology in neurosciences has provided better outcomeo

Mumbai: To highlight and discuss the recent advancements made in the field of neurosciences, Agrim Institute of Neurosciences organized an interactive session in Ludhiana today. Present on the occasion were a panel of Neurosurgeons from across the country to discuss the latest techniques and building awareness for timely treatment.

The event highlighted upon developing an expert regional team for the timely management of cases of acute stroke. Training sessions were also imparted on the recent advancements in the neuro intervention methods for treating brain haemorrhage due to the aneurysm, AVM and stroke, which could be life-threatening if not treated on time. Also, the major highlights included lectures on advanced techniques in neurosurgery.

Lack of awareness among the people regarding the symptoms of stroke is one of the major reasons for not getting timely medical attention. Brain haemorrhages caused due to a stroke attack accounts for over 70% mortality rate and even after treatment leaves 20% of them with morbidity. With advancements in the field of treatment of stroke and other neurovascular ailments, patients arriving within the window period after a stroke attack can now be treated successfully.

“With the latest advancements and minimally invasive neuro-intervention techniques, life-taking diseases like stroke, Aneurysm, AVM that leads to brain haemorrhage are now easily treatable. In cases of stroke, whose symptoms may be persistent before the actual attack is known as Transient Ischemic Stroke. In such cases, timely intervention within 24 hours known as the golden period, is mandatory for better outcomes. Delay in every minute leads to loss of around 19 lakh brain cells, timely treatment with advanced neuro intervention techniques can also reverse the conditions by extracting the blood clot.” Said Dr Vipul Gupta, Director of Nuerointervention- stroke unit, Agrim Institute of Neurosciences.

Dr Vipul Gupta also engaged himself in a teaching session earlier today, with the students of Dayanand Medical College and encouraged them to opt for a career in Neurosurgery.

Dr Aditya Gupta, India’s leading neurosurgeon also stressed upon the advanced techniques in neurosurgery, stating that techniques have become highly reliable, safe and effective in India. With the emergence of advanced neuronavigation and real-time imaging techniques, the possibilities of treating the most complex cases have been made simple.

“The recent advancements like the advent of Cyberknife, deep brain stimulation surgery(DBS) for treating Parkinson’s and other movement disorders, a pacemaker for the brain, along with real-time imaging techniques have made neurosurgery much safer and highly effective. Tumour locations deep inside the brain which earlier required conventional open surgeries can now be completely avoided. Cyberknife radio surgeries are highly effective in treating deep location tumours without affecting the healthy tissues within half an hour surgery.

Moreover, the patient recovery time is minimal and can get back to daily chores without delay, and more importantly, without any scars.” Said Dr Aditya Gupta, Director – Neurosurgery, Agrim Institute of Neurosciences.

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