Donald Trump Praises India On COVID Testing Capacities

Mumbai: United States President Donald Trump said that the US is leading the world in terms of COVID-19 testing and India is in the second position.

More than 140,000 Americans have died of coronavirus so far and 3.8 million have tested positive. While the US economy is slowly returning to normal, a pandemic is now spreading in the country’s Sun Belt.

Trump said, “As a family, we mourn every precious life we ​​have lost. I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine and we will defeat the virus. We’re doing very well with vaccine development and therapeutic development,” Trump said at a White House news conference on Tuesday, his first on coronavirus after several weeks.

Trump also said that his administration would do nothing to save lives and protect vulnerable people.

“We’ve learned a lot about this disease. And we know which people are unsafe, and we’re really going to shield them,” he said.

Trump assured that vaccines against the coronavirus would arrive sooner than expected.

In response to a question, Trump said that the US is “leading the world” in the COVID-19 test case.

“We are going to do more than 50 million tests,” he said, “The other country is India with 12 million (tests). Then you have seven million, six million, and four million. I think we are done. A tremendous amount of testing.

While dealing with the virus, Trump said that his administration is developing a powerful strategy.

“We’ve learned a lot about it (COVID-19) and who targets it. We’re in the process of developing a strategy that’s going to be very, very powerful,” he said.

“Some areas of our country are doing very well; others are doing less. It would be better if, unfortunately, it gets worse before it recovers,” Trump said.

Trump said the data shows that children have the lowest fatal risk because 99.96 percent of all viruses are fatal.

“By understanding these risk profiles and learning how to treat the disease, we are able to reduce mortality in the United States,” Trump said.

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