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Dwaipayan Singha & Santosh Arumugam – The Brains Behind “Consilium’s” Captivating Music

The Kannada entertainment industry recently witnessed a press release of its first-ever sci-fi thriller movie – Consilium (Debut Directed by Samarth), which has made headlines and already captured the attention of many in the entertainment world. Despite facing challenges and the unpredictability of time during the course of its direction and production, the movie’s success grows not just from its visuals but a great deal draws out from its rich and captivating music.

The Duo Who Scaled Up the Movie With Their Music

Dwaipayan Singha & Santosh Arumugam hailing from different backgrounds and experiences share a common goal and passion for music direction, composition, and creation. Upon being approached by Samarth, during the challenging times of the pandemic, the music zealous duo sprung into action to take the movie to greater heights with their dynamism and unique contributions adding to the movie’s emotional facets.

The journey of making Consilium began in 2018 and with the sudden jolt of the pandemic, coordination and the completion of the movie seemed almost impossible. It was this challenge that struck the right chords with the duo, who then vowed to handle music production for the film’s Kannada and Hindi releases.

While Dwaipayan strummed along with the technical aspects of the film’s music production, Santosh harmonized it with his artistic flare creating a new mix that will leave viewers engrossed and amazed. Heeding to the needs of the emotional relatability of the audience and simultaneously working with the movie’s dynamics, the duo has made it possible to awe viewers with sound effects and music pieces that will ignite the concept and impact of the film.

Starring Samarth in the lead, the film also has Preetham, Arachna Lakshminarasimhaswamy, Kushi Achar, and Jagadish Malnad playing major roles in the film.

As Consilium is the first-of-its-kind genre in the industry, the movie’s makers have added a lot of fresh and interesting elements that viewers need to watch out for. The movie is now all set to release in theatres around Karnataka in the coming months, and with post-production still underway, the makers are already in talks of releasing the movie on a reputed OTT platform.

On to Newer Projects With New Generation Film Music

The journey of the duo continues as they have a lot of projects in store to take over both independently and together.

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