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Each Hindu Festivals Are Soul Of Maharashtra It Must Not Be Politicised Mumbai BJP President MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar

Mumbai: Mumbai BJP President MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar said that celebrating each Hindu festivals is the soul of Maharashtra.

Hitting on the opposition BJP MLA Ashish Shelar said that festivals much not be politicized. Opposition has always taken undue advantage of Devendra Fadnavis’ sophistication. Also Read: There Will Be No Restrictions On Marathi Festivals Being Celebrated In Mumbai: Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis

“Since the former government did not adequately represent its stance, the Supreme Court had declared our temples unauthorized and was on the verge of razing it. Those who are now making tall claims were confined to their homes even then. In 2015, a petition was filed before the court saying that Ganeshotsav was spoiling the beauty of Mumbai and was creating disturbance in Mumbai, he said.

“Today, those who are talking about Hindus and Marathi Manoos, had neither opposed this petition nor did they fight against it. It was only Devendra Fadnavis who had fought against it, he added.

Further noting that for the first time in history that the then government was fighting in the court to safeguard Ganeshotsav celebrations, the BJP MLA said that Mumbai Bar Council had also registered protest against Devendra Fadnavis but he continued his fight.

“Later, from 2015 onwards, the Ganeshotsav celebrations resumed with the same vigour. Similarly, objections were raised for Govinda celebrations. Govinda is also very close to Mumbaikars. A leader, sitting in his house, continued to raise his views about these celebrations. Despite orders being issued, the then chief minister Devendra Fadnavis took the initiative to resume the celebration of festivities. Others simply kept discussing on what needs to be done,” he said.

He went o saying that, “When Uddhavji Thackeray became the chief minister, we believed that Marathi festivals will not get affected. It is unfortunate that Lalbaugcha Raja that has nearly 100-year-old tradition was asked not to celebrate Ganeshotsav that year. Thanks to blessings from Lord Ganesha that their government fell.”

“Once again after the Shinde-Fadnavis government came to power, restrictions were lifted,” he concluded saying.

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