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Eid-Al-Adah : Prayers Ended Without Violence In Kashmir

Mumbai: The Eid-Al-Adah prayers on Monday morning in Kashmir concluded peacefully. The authorities said that according to the orders people were asked to visit the nearby mosques and not form large crowds. The city’s main mosque, however, was kept closed for security reasons.

According to reports, large crowds were not allowed in the valley. People were strictly asked to remain in their local areas and not wander off in long distances. The authorities distributed sweets at various mosques on the eve of Eid.

The government have eased the restrictions on the movement of the people so that they could shop for the festivals but at the same time, the authorities are reviewing the region so that any malicious activity does not take place. The main objective of the government is to maintain peace and avoid any conflict like situation or activity from happening.

The reports suggest that the government has allotted the regions in the valley with all the essentials so that the people won’t have to travel at a long distance from their houses. The authorities are seen distributing some of the essentials on people’s doorstep.

The life in the valley is somewhat back to normal but the casual outings of the people and the usual scuttle of the people’s cheerful noises are still missing.

The article 144 was imposed by the government while abrogating article 370 which gave Jammu & Kashmir state special status. As per article 144, people were not allowed to leave their houses, schools and colleges were shut down, all the communication services including the internet were cut off. For straight five days, the life of J&K came to a stand-still.

On the occasion of Eid-Al-Adah, the government eased some of the restrictions so that people could carry out their prayers and celebrate the festival.

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