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Everything Depends Upon What People Are Capable Of Wanting

The most important principle to live by is, what you seeking is also seeking you!!  My quest to help others got me on my path. My journey being a nutritionist and a health counsellor or coach has helped me experience different dimensions of life, some being with my clients and some solely by me. When I first started working with my clients, I simply heard their lifestyle habits, medicals and most importantly the goals they see me for, and accordingly drafted a nutritional plan along with an exercise regime to help them achieve what they came to me for. Its always been a pleasure learning about people’s lives and helping them change the way they think about themselves to a better self and of course help them achieve their body desires.

Also having a background of counselling and a deep desire to help people feel better of themselves, I learnt that it was just not important to prescribe what is on the plate, but also go deeper to understand what are the other obstacles or limitations that interfere with health or fitness goals. And hence I skilled myself with a life coach certification to dig deeper and help people achieve their fitness goals that could also have deep connections with their relationships, career and spirituality.

For eg: someone could have an argument with his or her partner, and this may lead to him or her to go in the kitchen at midnight and sneak a piece of cake. SO one can think this as an eating disorder or a related disorder?? This understanding helps me look at a client more holistically.

I have met a lot of young women who struggle with their body image and find it difficult to shed off the unwanted weight. By digging deeper in many cases I realized that this just didn’t seem to stem out of faulty eating habits, or a medical problem but rather from lack of self-love! This put me to think of what more can I add to the table for these young women to change their relationship with their self-image and food! When I started addressing these issues with them, I started to see the stubborn fat move!! Hence, I recommend to love and accept oneself unconditionally and constantly work on self to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually would give the best results on the physical body.

It all bottoms to self-care and here are few ways to:

Self-care is an activity that nurtures and refuels you on a deeper level.


Physical Body

  • Sleep
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Baths
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Regular exercise with adequate rest and recovery
  • Adequate sunshine
  • Regular health check-ups to ensure blood parameters in check and address deficiencies if any

Emotional body

  • Communication
  • Laughter
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Touch

Spiritual body:

  • Meditation
  • Prayers/ chanting
  • reading
  • Being in nature
  • Maintaining a gratitude journal
  • Being in the moment

Relationship to self :

  • Keep a feeling journal
  • Downtime
  • Travelling
  • Goal setting with action plans

Relationship with others:

  • Conversations
  • Meet groups
  • Family time
  • Friends
  • Community work

It is so important to understand that it’s our innate nature to heal ourselves. Given half a chance the body is capable of healing itself. All we need to do is just love ourselves, take charge of our lives and help others to do the same.  The need of the hour is to develop a self-care system to have a brighter planet!

We must understand that we are born with a purpose. And by being able to take care of ourselves, we can literally accomplish what we meant to rather than spending a lifetime in just fighting a disease!! So, with all the tools given one can focus on life purpose rather than wasting it on cleaning the mess created by bad lifestyle habits.

With my experiences, I have learnt that health is a journey and not a destination. When we learn to eat intuitively rather than unconsciously, we reach a level of freedom where we no longer give the power to an external factor, but rather take personal responsibility in creating our own health and living fulfilling lives.

I am on this mission to create a healthier planet with educating people about fitness, health and more importantly to love oneself unconditionally.

We as women are responsible for creation; creating lives, creating better homes, creating beautiful relationships. Let’s together create better values in ours and other beings lives.

Happy women’s day!!

The writer is Nutritionist Karishma Chawla (Views Are Personal)

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