For The First Time, Experience ATP Bengaluru Open Using Virtual Reality

Mumbai :  In recent years, media has evolved faster than its former part of almost 100 years of existence, thanks to mobile, internet and access. One of the latest entries is Virtual Reality – a technology that provides viewers with a unique immersive experience of being there in the moment both emotionally and physically (virtually).

With Priyank Kharge’s vision & interest of bringing new technology to sports and BO, Axis Vantage the media partner of BO called upon Imerse to bring VR to Bengaluru Open. Imerse – a VR start-up based in Bengaluru for almost 2.5 years has been working on the forefront of this technology in both film-making and livestreaming. It has worked with some of the top brands and media companies on projects like Asia Cup, IPL, BiggBoss, TimesNow and many more.

According to Imerse CEO Skanda Addiga “Using VR In sports, viewers can get in-stadium 360 first person experiences as if physically present at the venue while still being at home or elsewhere at ease – far away from actual venue as the game unfolds. Like TV, VR can provide a 360 view experience almost live or to be streamed on-demand later”

“We at AV are looking at new technologies to enhance fan engagement and think that VR ushers the new era of fan engagement for the next generation” AV CEO Vinod added

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