For The Third Time Grenade Exposed In Jammu And Kashmir, 30 Injured, 1 Dead

Mumbai: The Jammu’s Inspector General Of Police (IGP) said that there was a grenade explosion at a bus stand in Jammu and Kashmir.

It was around 11:30 in the morning on Thursday when there was an explosion of a grenade on well crowded busted in Kashmir. On state road transport corporation (SRTC), the bus was parked. This was the third grenade explosion on the bust stand since last year of May.

Firstly, there was news of an injury to 10-12 people than IGP announced the number increasing to 18 people, currently, there are been 30 people who are injured. Police have arrested 10 people on this case.

In those injured number there was a 17-year-old minor boy who died.

All the injured are been admitted to the hospitals. Doctors said Five of which situation is been critical!

A Police officer told Media here, “The police is on the way to find every small lead. We are assembling all the possible evidence and we will pursue them out.”

IGP said, “The aim of explosions are always to make fear and disturb the society’s peace,” he requested to people to maintain their calm.

A Grenade is a small bomb which gets exposed only when someone throws it or if it gets broken. now, Question has risen that from where did someone throw it at such a crowded locality or if someone was inside the bus who exposed it?

Its been surprising that after a week before of the Indian Air Force bombardment in Balakot which was the largest training centre of terror group Jaishe-e-Muhammad, the security in Jammu and Kashmir was tightened, Force was on high alert but still, a terror attack occurs leading to injury and death of citizens.

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