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Forces Ready To Stand Up To China, PM Modi Is Not: Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday reprimanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the situation in East Ladakh and alleged that even though the armed forces are ready to stand with China, the Prime Minister is not.

He further called the Prime Minister “coward who is spitting on the sacrifice of the army”.

The Congress leader said, “Narendra Modi cannot stand in front of China. He has given our land to them. Our army is ready, the air force is ready, the navy is ready, but the Prime Minister is not ready.”

“The Defense Minister made a statement instead of the Prime Minister. He is a coward who cannot reach China. He is a coward who cannot stand up to the Chinese. He is spitting on the sacrifice of our army. He is betraying the sacrifice of our army. Nobody in India should be allowed to do it,” the Congress MP added.

“Narendra Modi has given a piece of Mother India to China. This is the reality,” he alleged.

He further said that it was the prime minister’s responsibility to protect the territory of this country. He also asked why the Chinese troops did not retreat from the plains of Kailash Range, Gogra, Hot Springs and Depsang.

“When our troops fought hard and captured Mount Kailash, why were they asked to return? What has India got in return? More important strategic areas – the grounds of Depsang, why the Chinese did not retreat?” Why are you? ” Not withdrawn from Gogra and Hot Springs? Narendra Modi has given the Indian territory to China and bowed his head in front of them,” he said.

The two countries have been engaged in a stand-off along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) since April-May last year. While China began amassing massive military strength along the LAC, India responded with a befitting build-up.

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