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Four Weeks Wasted To Pleading Rahul Gandhi To Take Back His Resignation: Congress’ Karan Singh

Mumbai: Senior Congress leader Karan Singh called on a meeting of the Congress Working Committee on Monday and decided to take action for the future, which said that after the resignation of Rahul as party president, he “agreed to see the confusion and disorientation” in the party.

In a letter, a senior Congress leader said that instead of welcoming Gandhi’s decision, in a month he was persuaded to withdraw his resignation.

“A person who had joined the Congress half a century ago in 1967, I agree to see confusion and disorientation, in which the party has fallen since Rahul Gandhi’s resignation on May 25. Rather than respecting his bold decision, one month was wasted in pleading to withdraw his resignation, which should not be pressured to do so as a person of respect and integrity. Six weeks have passed and there is still no alternative structure, “Singh’s read the letter.

Apart from this, he was the former Prime Minister of the Congress Working Committee, Dr To organize a meeting chaired by Manmohan Singh and request the decision on the appointment of interim party chief and four executive chairmen or vice-presidents.

“I strongly urge the Working Committee to meet without delay, perhaps under the Chairmanship of the former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan, urged to meet the Working Committee and make the necessary decisions. Singh said that till the next party elections, the president of an interim Congress party would join, and in my view, four working presidents/ vice president, one-one, north, south, east and west for four zones, said Singh Enhance the introduction of young people on the positions of authority.

He further said that the higher the current uncertainty, the morale of Congress workers and voters across the country will be dropped. Singh said, “Before it is too late, the negative cycle should be reversed.”

After the moral responsibility of the defeat of the Lok Sabha elections after the Congress Party officially quit as the party president on July 3, political and leadership fell into crisis.

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