Fuel Prices Hiked For 9th Time In June; Petrol Nears ₹103/L In Mumbai

Mumbai: Petrol and diesel prices touched record highs on Wednesday after the fuel rates were hiked for the ninth time this month.

In Mumbai, petrol now costs ₹102.82/litre, the highest in a metro, and diesel is being retailed at ₹94.84.

The price of petrol in Delhi today is Rs 96.66 per litre, which is 25 paise more than yesterday. In the capital today, diesel is being sold for 13 paise at Rs 87.28 per litre. Rates have been increased 25 times since May 4.

The price of petrol in Delhi has increased by Rs 5.97, while diesel price has surged Rs 6.38 per litre since the rate revision began.

In Rajasthan’s Sriganganagar district, the country’s costliest petrol and diesel were Rs 107.79 per litre and Rs 100.51 per litre respectively. The difference in prices between Delhi and Mumbai is due to the different prices in different cities. Petrol and diesel prices are decided on the basis of freight charges, local taxes and VAT.

Petrol, diesel prices in Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Pune

States Petrol Prices Diesel Prices
Chennai Rs 97.91 per litre Rs 92.04 per litre
Kolkata Rs 96.58 per litre Rs 90.25 per litre
Pune Rs 102.42 per litre Rs 92.99 per litre
Bengaluru Rs 99.89 per litre Rs 92.66 per litre
Hyderabad Rs 100.46 per litre Rs 95.28 per litre
Noida (UP) Rs 93.98 per litre Rs 87.89 per litre
Mohali Rs 98.78 per litre Rs 90.33 per litre
Chandigarh Rs 92.96 per litre Rs 87.05 per litre
Gurugram (Haryana) Rs 87.05 per litre Rs 88.00 per litre


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