Fuzia Works For A Better And Sustainable Future Of Women: Shraddha Varma

Fuzia is a creative global community & talent showcase platform driven by women to help all individuals explore, express, and nurture their talents. Fuzia aims to empower them to use their creative voices and amplify them globally.

The companies vision is to Harness the power of social media to drive the new age of Empowerment, Feminism & Gender Equality.

In a recent interaction with The Prevalent India, Shraddha Sharma the co-founder of Fuzia spoke about the challenges today faced by women of her age and how Fuzia is a growing platform with millions of dreams, all uniting to one sole goal, women empowerment.

Shraddha Varma, based in Mumbai, leads the entire global team of 35+ creative minds all with a common goal of creating a positive global impact.

  1. How will you Introduce Yourself to the world?

I am a management professional, an experienced marketer and a passionate learner. But most importantly, I’m an ambitious entrepreneur, with creative thinking as a tool I’d always like to carry with me! I believe that if women are to break away from the clutches of orthodox, patriarchal, pseudo/liberal patriarchal brackets, then economic independence becomes a prerequisite for them.

As a Co-founder, I not only lead global marketing and operations in Fuzia but also drive and mentor my team in cross-culture environments. I strongly believe in gender equality and that women are the largest reservoir of untapped talent. Reaching out to every single woman who shares the idea of empowerment is long due and I struggle each day to make what I think a reality. Through Fuzia, I wish to positively impact and see a world where women can come together globally and help each other grow, live their passions, pursue their dreams and build their own identity- thereby driving Gender Equality, Feminism & Empowerment.

  1. What does the International Women’s Day theme, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” mean for you in your work life? 

Honestly, we have always had the vision of inculcating a workplace that encourages sustainable development and growth, not just this year but from the very beginning.

Having women participate as equally as any other gender has been our primary goal. We’ve made sure to involve women for a sustainable tomorrow by not limiting their participation and involving all genders in the process of decision making. Women totally deserve the space in economic and social development and with IWD2022’s theme of “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, we pledge to recognize and celebrate the contribution of women and girls around the world who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation and mitigation, beginning with our own organization.

Through Humans of Fuzia, one of our major initiatives, we have invited women who have been working for a better and more sustainable future. We will interview them and let the world know of their story, and be inspired.

  1. What barriers do women face in developing careers across their working life?

Women have been on the brunt of several barriers as they progress in their careers. Unequal pay, expectations of long working hours, sexual harassment and fewer opportunities for leadership are just the tip of the iceberg.

Adding to their agony is the society’s expectation of them acing their house chores along with their jobs, which increases their difficulties by more than twice. Having said that, I also believe that men have their share of pressures to deal with. However, when it comes to women, the barriers that they face through their careers seem never-ending and have a long way to go before we celebrate an even better women’s day!

  1. What do you think is the biggest issue today facing women of your age?

In my opinion, the biggest issue women my age are facing today, especially in the corporate space, is unequal pay. Women have for long been demanding equal pay for equal work, which is obviously their right. There is stubborn inequality in the average pay of men and women across all sectors.

It is mostly because women’s work is undervalued and women. Even though a specific work may require equal or more efforts and skills, it is valued and remunerated less. Even as we celebrate Women’s Day in 2022, I cannot resist but admit that women are still under immense pressure to prove themselves, not better, not worse, but as much as their counterparts.

  1. Please share your learning with fellow Entrepreneurs?

Over the years, I have learnt that it is best to follow your dreams and have a positive attitude in life to achieve them. I know how the world operates against you and the difficulties you have to go through, but one must not stop believing in their individuality and the strength that comes along with it. Look forward, step by step and attain your goals through the pillars of true liberty. Be empowered and empower others through your skills.

Do not forget to put your passion on your shoulders and be translucent about your goals and its implementation.

While selecting a business, keep in mind to take up one that you not only love, but have a fair idea about. Research about it well, assess your finances, write your business plan, assess the market and consult with professionals before you embark on your journey. Most importantly, don’t lose hope. Because keeping hope is always a good thing!

  1. Why do you think that fewer women-founded start-ups?

I believe there are few women-founded start-ups as many women fear failure, do not have family backing, have financial insecurities, juggle work with family life and battle stereotypes. Thus, we at Fuzia have an initiative for all the women out there called Fuzia Talent, where we allow talented members to get opportunities to earn through suitable work assignments, internships and projects, thereby making them economically empowered too.

  1. Do you want to leave a legacy?

I definitely would want to leave a legacy so that the creativity of our audience is built to the core and no talent goes in vain. As a group of individuals who look forward step by step towards attaining pillars of creative empowerment, community growth, individual strength and artistic magnification, we aspire to establish a space for women where they can be free from their own little cages and express themselves with true liberty. This space extends its hands through our wide world and believes in the strength of young minds! We believe that a society where women are strengthened is a society empowered in reality.

With the talent that many women come up with, we aspire to be of economic benefit and opportunity through various ways. We then aim to place the right skill at the right place, which benefits both, the company and its users economically.



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