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Gaurav Vinod Dubey: A Dynamic Entrepreneur With Countless Possibilities

Becoming a flourishing entrepreneur is not something easy to achieve, especially when there is so much competition all over the marketplace. While there is no scarcity of talented individuals, people’s lack of expertise, experience, and vision in the industry end up limiting their growth. However, with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved and Gaurav Vinod Dubey is such an exemplary individual. His multitasking skills and exceptional industry knowledge have actualized his dream of becoming an eminent name in the industry.

For Gaurav Vinod Dubey, who belongs to a well-to-do family, the path to success was not always very welcoming. The losses his father experienced in his business have made Gaurav Vinod Dubey realize how unpredictable life could be. However, he has always dreamt of becoming a self-made man. So, he worked hard until he becomes the owner of a profitable business endeavor.

With his immense hard work and knowledge, soon he started working as a sales consultant with Hyundai motors for a while. Following which, he stepped his foot into retail clothing which again in the year 2011, failed. But he didn’t lose hope and instead kept working till he discovered and used his networking skills to move further which led to the emergence of his law and consultancy firm, V A D Lawgical & Consultancy India LLP. He held expertise in Land litigation, criminal cases, bankruptcy, and basic other sections which fall under IPC.

Having an experienced team of 25 advocates who together work as a family in a growing firm, makes a difference by supporting the clients and bringing them justice. They are here expanding their firm by undertaking corporates, industrialists, and businessmen as their clients. Each case they receive at their firm, they count it as a gift, from each case their network grows. They get influenced by their clients to whom they provide more than they expect and deliver the exact results which they commit while taking clients on board.

Not only does he run a law firm but has his own candle trading company which is doing good in the market and is delivering the products domestically with utmost dedication. And, recently they have stepped into the convenience store business; their flagship store is at King circle, Matunga, Mumbai under the name of MarQt India -The Neighbourhood Store. One can even go and shop from their store at affordable prices.

Talking about what has constantly driven him to tread on the path of creating something new every day, Gaurav Vinod Dubey says, “I have learned more things on the streets rather than in classrooms. If you want to do something in life, there are plenty of reasons to make it happen; and if you don’t want to do, there are plenty of reasons to not do as well.”

He believes in a simple yet insightful mantra, “Get in. Get rich. And Get out.” Talking about his customers, he also added, “We are known to make the impossible possible.”

Keeping in mind the catastrophe Covid-19 has brought on the world, revamping the working processes has been more important now than ever. Gaurav has ensured that whatever he brings to the table is upgraded to suit the current times. With his law and consultancy firm, he has set unique expertise in property and land litigations to serve individuals with the best to offer.

Business for Gaurav Vinod Dubey is not about only profit and loss. He holds client satisfaction as his top priority. In his goal to give his clients the best service, he never hesitates to dedicate his 100% effort. This dedication for his work has led him to be awarded the prestigious the Power Banker of the year 2019 by Skill India Company. His commitment towards his business and robust attitude is bound to inspire the countless talented youth of our nation.

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