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Gaurishankar Chaubey, The Person Who Welcomes Everyone With A Heart Of Gold

Stirring hearts and the individuals is Gaurishankar Chaubey, with a personality that believes in not just performance but also efficiency

Gaurishankar Chaubey is a young & enthusiastic entrepreneur, social activist, and philanthropist. He was born on August 12, 1986, in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Gaurishankar is the eldest son of the family. As a child, he took part in many plays like Ramayana & Mahabharata.

Gaurishankar Chaubey runs a Dwarkamai charity Organization that looks after journalists.

Dwarakamai is a well-known institution in Mumbai. He plays an important role in the social, academic, and cultural fields. He has now started to help the poor and the needy, as well as the journalists. Due to the pandemic and lockdown everywhere, the economic situation of journalists and about has come down drastically. The president of the organization, Gaurishankar Chaubey, has provided financial support to journalists in need. He transferred money directly to their bank account. Some of the needy journalists from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh have also benefited from the institution.

Jitendra Sharma, the Mumbai branch president of the organization, said that Chaubey Ji himself took care of the journalists when he has informed them about the bad economic condition of the journalists. After receiving the news, he became emotional and said that just like we do service for all needy people, we should also do something for these journalists who are in a pathetic condition.

Neither politicians nor big people in the business help the public or are taking so much of an initiative. Due to Gaurishankar’scontribution, there is a wave of happiness and hope among the poor and journalists. After getting financial support from the institution, they felt a little relieved.  These journalists thanked GaurishankarChaubey, the president of the organization. They said that when no one was not taking care of them, he took care of everything during a crisis.

During the first wave of Corona, many organizations started the service work, but most institutions stopped after some time. On the other hand, the Dwarkamai organization continues its service. There was not a single day when the office bearers of the institution didn’t go to the slums of the suburbs of Malad, Kandivali, Goregaon and sanitize every house. They also distribute masks and other safety materials. During this global pandemic, the Dwarakamai Charity Society has made huge contributions.  The organization has started an awareness campaign about the diseases and Corona; they are also receiving a positive response from the public.

Gaurishankar’s success can be measured by the awards he won, but for him, real success is to see people happy and prosper in their lives. He is a family man; he loves and protects his family. He has two sons and one daughter; together, they live in Mumbai. He is a self-made man who started his journey to change his life, but while climbing the ladder of success, he inspired people and touched the hearts of many individuals. By his work, he earned the title of “People’s Person.” His journey inspires and motivates many young people who are struggling to have their ends meet.

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