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German Brand Sanosan Launches Natural Ingredients-based Baby Care Soap First Time in India

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Sanosan, Made in Germany premium baby care brand, has launched Baby Care Soap in India. A mild, baby care soap contains the ingredients derived from natural sources with the active substances hydrolysed milk protein and organic olive oil. While Sanosan Care Soap protects baby skin against moisture loss, it also supports the skin’s own natural protective function.

Sanosan Baby Care Soap

The major USP of Sanosan Baby Care Soap lies in its natural ingredients such as hydrolised milk protein and high-quality organic olive oil that fulfills the need of delicate baby skin. Meanwhile, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies in skincare, Glowderma has tied up with the global premium brand Sanosan to import and market latter’s baby skincare products in India.

“At Glowderma, we are committed to offer the safest and most-effective products for your little bundle of joy. Sanosan baby care Soap is made with natural ingredients to take care of delicate baby skin. It is infused with Hydrolysed milk protein and organic olive oil, to offer gentle protection for the baby’s sensitive skin, naturally. Sanosan baby care soap protects baby skin against moisture loss. Sanosan baby care soap is free from harmful chemicals like SLS/SLES, paraffin oil, dyes, silicones or parabens and its skin compatibility has been clinically confirmed,” Glowderma Director – Sales & Marketing Mr. Rajendra Mehta said.

Mr. Rajesh Khatri – Managing Director Glowderma said, “The trusted German brand Sanosan is well known for providing the best care of delicate skin of the babies. ‘Sanosan‘ has unveiled Baby Care Soap in India. When it comes to soap, parents look for safety of their baby’s skin on priority. Sanosan baby Care Soap is the mild soap containing ingredients derived from natural sources & clinically tested by an independent dermatological institute. Sanosan baby soap gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the baby skin with natural hydrolysed milk protein and high-quality organic olive oil. We are confident that Sanosan baby soap will prove to be the best brand in premium baby soap segment.”

While the health of her baby is the most important thing in a mum’s life, especially important is her baby’s healthy skin and the right care products that help this wonderful, delicate skin to develop a healthy skin protection barrier and that do not irritate it in any way. Mostly all cleansing products contain active washing substances and even the mildest washing substances can attack the protective film on a baby’s skin and upset its balance.The milk protein in Sanosan Baby Care Soap protects against this.

Sanosan Baby Care Soap is a gentle soap with organic olive oil and milk protein. Clinically tested and made under specialist supervision, it’s also free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, silicones and paraffin oil. The naturally crafted Sanosan Baby Care Soap is prepared without any chemicals and it also does not use SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) or SLES (sodium laureth sulphate).

Available in more than 70 countries across the globe, Sanosan is a renowned brand from 70 years old company – Mann & Schroder Cosmetics (M&S Cosmetics) – Germany. Established in 1951, ‘M&S Cosmetics‘ manufactures supreme quality products. It manufactures more than 2000 different products in different categories. M&S – Germany is the family-owned company in the 3rd generation with high ethics & values.

Sanosan Baby Care Soap is available on Sanosan India website and through e-commerce websites – First Cry & Amazon.

About Sanosan
Sanosan baby care brand was launched in Germany in the year 1983. Parents all around the world trust Sanosan for the gentle cleansing and care of the sensitive skin of baby. Natural ingredients such as hydrolysed milk protein & organic olive oil with their protective, soothing properties form the basis of product formulas. Every Sanosan product contains combinations of natural substances developed especially for delicate and sensitive baby skin. All Sanosan products have been clinically tested and are produced only in Germany with a high level of diligence and responsibility. Entire production process of Sanosan is subjected to the strictest quality control.

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About Glowderma
Glowderma Lab Private Limited (Glowderma) is a private limited company based in Mumbai, India. A leading pharmaceutical company, Glowderma started its operations in 2003 with a vision to attain leadership in the field of dermatology by launching trusted, innovative and safe products. Glowderma is known for its highest WHO GMP quality standard operations and extensive research based on the feedback of its valued customer. Glowderma understands the social responsibility towards patient safety and hence it started “MISSION NO PARABEN” by making all products paraben free. Glowderma has 800+ pan-India distribution networks along with 400+ enterprising Glowdermians and these numbers are growing.

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