Getting A Job After Studying Abroad For Indian Students

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According to a recent survey by higher education data experts QS, the single most important factor students evaluate when choosing a university is their chances of finding a good job once they finish their studies. With an increasing number of students choosing to study abroad and many expecting to work in the same country after graduation, the robustness of the job market for degree holders is becoming increasingly important. Only a few countries dominated the top 50 places in the 2015 Times Higher Education employment rankings, which analyses graduate prospects for each major university throughout the world.

International education from reputed colleges is valuable because it broadens horizons, exposes students to the globe, and provides them with cutting-edge information and skills. Students who graduate from such institutions with great academic achievement are always in high demand around the world. The most significant advantage of studying abroad is the unrivalled exposure kids can acquire from learning from some of the world’s top teachers and those who are equally exceptional. In today’s environment, exposure has become incredibly vital. Living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or any other developed country as an international student offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about a new society and way of life. Gateway International, a study abroad consultant, meets this demand by supporting students in relocating to another country after they finish their studies.

If a rundown of some of the best countries for graduate employability, along with the crucial facts is created, it will specify details of the majorly chosen countries for instance- in The United States, unemployment is at an all-time low, while graduate employment is at an all-time high. Salary averages are also rising. That isn’t to imply that decent work is always simple to come by; many recent graduates report spending months looking for their first job. Graduate job prospects have lately begun to improve across the UK, with the overall employment rate for graduates after six months now hovering around 70%. However, the employment market in the country remains extremely competitive, owing in part to the large number of graduates who apply for a small number of qualified positions. Then for well-educated young people in Germany, there is a solid employment market, albeit your chances improve greatly if you speak German fluently. Graduates looking for English-speaking careers may find that positions are scarce.

After graduation, work almost anywhere in the world, but for aggies, people interested in tourism, or administrative employment, Australia is at the top of the list. With gorgeous beaches that line the shores of the Great Barrier Reef, incredible recreational options, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly residents, Australia is a country that welcomes you to discover what all the fuss is about.  Consider going to Ireland if you want to be environmentally conscious. The backdrop to your stay abroad is lush, verdant landscapes with rolling hills, where you may get your feet wet in the job world. France is the place to be if you’re a marketing whiz, an aspiring attorney, or want to be Christian Dior. The country’s economy is stable, and work opportunities abound in this European hotspot. However, be aware that in order to be considered for a position, you must be fluent in the target language, and internships are frequently provided, only some of which are paid.

New Zealand isn’t Middle Earth, and there aren’t any hobbits, yet its landscape is breathtaking. One of the keys to success is working overseas. International experience can get a better job, especially if you can include international internships in your program of study. Coming to the table with hands-on work experience in many areas of the world and a history of successfully navigating a variety of cultures opens doors in the hospitality business, as well as many other international employment in other industries. Your worldwide expertise positions you as a flexible global contender who welcomes new challenges and searches out opportunities for advancement to potential employers.

Employers value one’s worldwide perspective as an international student, and one can have a lot to offer in addition to your degree. They aid students in comprehending and leading them through the step-by-step admission process with the help of a trained team of global education professionals. The study abroad consultant offers counselling, admission guidance, financial aid, visa assistance, pre-departure services, and post-departure services. They have already assisted over 23,000 students in going overseas and want to continue doing so, for which they have received multiple notable awards. The immigration agency is well aware that many of the experiences and chances accessible in colleges are not available anywhere else in life.

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