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Google’s Investment Of USD 10 Billion Will Promote Start-ups And Enhance Their Potential: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Mumbai: Welcoming the Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s announcement of an investment of Rs 75,000 crore or approximately US$10 billion into India through Google for India Digistation Fund, Union Communication, Electronics, and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar said that the company is acknowledging India’s digital empowerment.

Prasad said, “I am very happy to know that Google is making a major investment in Google for the India Digitisation Fund. Google is today a global brand and a platform for change, empowerment, innovation information, and digital awakening,” he said.

“Google is rising to the occasion by investing substantial amounts in Indian digital transformative funds. Sundar Pichai, who is leading Google, is a powerful symbol of the creative potential of India’s human resources,” he said.

The minister hoped that Google would also help develop villages as model digital villages.

“I would appreciate it if Google created clusters of villages and developed them as model digital villages,” he continued.

The Union Minister further said that India is important in the present world as it has a “stable democracy, an open society and seeking to transform the lives of ordinary Indians with the power of technology”.

“I am very happy that Google is recognizing India’s need for digital empowerment, digital innovation, and creating further opportunities. I am quite clear that it is important for Google to take new initiatives in agriculture, weather prediction, healthcare, and digital education. These are great opportunities for 1.3 billion people which is full of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship,” he said.

“I am quite sure the way this new fund is going to be used from creating digital infrastructure to promoting start-ups and enhances their potential is something that I would like to watch closely,” he said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday announced plans to invest 75,000 crore rupees or about the US $ 10 billion in India over the next five to seven years through Google for India Digistation Fund.

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