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Government Of India Issues Guidelines For DRPG

Mumbai: The Government of India has issued a set of guidelines notifying the staffers of the Central Government to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while several ministries tested positive.

The guideline advised only asymptomatic staff members to be allowed in the office. Those with mild symptoms must abstain from work. Officials residing in a containment zone are instructed to work from home.

The government has also hindered more than 20 officials at work on the same day. Workers sharing a cabin must attend office on alternative days.

Wearing a mask and proper disposition in a yellow biomedical waste bin have been made a compulsion, failing which strict actions will be applied. The General Section of the office will inform the housekeeping about the disposing norms.

Apart from this, the government has also urged the office to sanitize frequently touched surfaces like switches, doorknobs, elevator switches, railings, etc with 1% sodium Hypochlorite every hour and wash hands every half an hour. Hand sanitizing dispensers to be installed for the same.

To refrain from violating social distancing norms, the government has advised holding virtual meetings inside the office through their phones.

Ensuring at least 1 meter of distance is mandatory at all sections to safeguard social distancing norms.

Moreover, the guideline also urged the ministries to work in compliance with the SOP measures issued by MoHFW dated 4th June.

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