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Govt Will Make Sure COVID Vaccine Is Accessible To Every Indian As Soon As It Is Made Available: Narendra Modi

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the 7th time today where he said that the government is working hard on the COVID19 vaccine and it will be accessible to every citizen of the country.

“All countries are working on a war-footing for making COVID19 vaccine. The government is preparing to make the vaccine accessible to every Indian as soon as it is made available,” he said. 

He referred to India having the highest number of recovered COVID-19 patients.

PM Modi said, “The recovery rate is good, the fatality rate is low. Our country is well placed today compared to resource-rich nations in the fight against COVID-19. The increased testing is our strength in this fight. A total of 5,500 people out of every 10 lakh population in India are infected, whereas in countries like the US and Brazil this figure is around 25,000.”

Further, he said that “India has a facility of more than 90 lakh beds for #COVID19 patients. There are 12,000 quarantine centers, around 2000 Corona testing labs. The number of tests will cross 10 Crores soon. In our fight against COVID, the rise in the number of tests has been our strength.”

He lauded the healthcare professionals and said that they are steadfast in their duty to serve the people.

“Our healthcare professionals are working on the motto of `Seva Paramo Dharma’ (Service is the highest virtue). We should not let our guard drop in these crucial times. This is the time not to believe that coronavirus has gone away or think that there is no danger from it,” he said.

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