Gurugram Police Bust Prostitution Ring Operating from Guest House

Mumbai: In a significant crackdown, Gurugram Police, in collaboration with the CM Flying Squad and local law enforcement, successfully raided a guest house suspected of serving as a front for a prostitution ring. The operation led to the apprehension of 10 individuals, including four foreign women, shedding light on an intricate web of illegal activity.

The guest house, situated in G Block of Sector 57, had been under surveillance following tips from informants suggesting illicit operations. Acting on this intelligence, a specialized police team orchestrated a sting operation to uncover the truth. An undercover officer, posing as a prospective client, initiated contact with the guest house manager, Sanjeev, expressing interest in availing their services.

Negotiations ensued between the undercover officer and Sanjeev, culminating in an agreement. With the signal from the officer, law enforcement swiftly descended upon the premises, where they discovered six women, aged between 24 and 34, allegedly engaged in prostitution.

What further alarmed authorities was the international dimension of the operation. Among the detained women were two from Uzbekistan and two from Bangladesh. Particularly concerning was the discovery that the Bangladeshi women lacked valid visas, raising suspicions of their illegal entry into India.

Investigations into the matter also uncovered the identities of Dilbagh and Sanjay as the alleged masterminds behind the guest house operation. Both individuals now face charges alongside the arrested women under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and the Foreigners Act.

Following their initial court appearance, the arrested individuals were remanded to judicial custody pending further legal proceedings. Authorities emphasized that this guest house had previously come under scrutiny in 2023 for illegally harbouring foreign nationals. Given this history, an extensive investigation is underway to unravel the full extent of the operation and identify any potential accomplices.

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