Haryana Min Anil Vij Sees ‘Some Hidden Agenda’ Behind Farmers Agitation

Mumbai: Haryana minister Anil Vij said the agitation was not about the three agriculture laws, noting “some hidden agenda” behind the farmers’ protest.

Talking to ANI, Vij said that Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is always ready for talks and they have met 11-12 times.

“Farmer leaders cannot express their objection to the laws. This makes it clear that it is not about 3 laws but some hidden agenda,” he said.

‘We have repeatedly asked them to explain the reason for their objections to the provisions’

The statement came after Tomar on Wednesday expressed his desire to resume talks to resolve his objections to the three agricultural laws.

He said, ‘Whenever the farmers want discussion, the Indian government will be ready for discussion. But we have repeatedly asked them to tell the objections in the provisions with logic. We will listen and find a solution,” he had said.

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