Height Of Mount Everest Revised By 86 cm, New Height Announced By Nepal & China

Mumbai: Nepal and China jointly announced that Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is 8,848.86 meters high.

Nepal had started a measurement mission in April 2019 and completed its work almost a year ago but was waiting for China to finalize the announcement date. Mount Everest had a height of 8,848 meters, which was widely accepted since 1955.

Mount Everest’s revised elevation is 8,848.86 meters, with Nepal and China announcing to measure the world’s highest peak after a joint exercise.

This means that it is the tallest mountain after the latest measurement. 86 m.

The government of Nepal had once again decided to measure the height of the peak, as it was claimed that the height of the mountain had been changed for various reasons including the devastating 2015 earthquake in the Himalayan region.

The Survey Department of Nepal started an exercise to measure the height of Mount Everest two years ago.

Deputy Director-General in the Survey Department, Sushil Narasimha Rajbhandari, said that “people who actively participate in this process” will be announced at the ceremony.

The revised elevation of Mount Everest, also known as Mount Chomolungma, was announced by Nepali and Chinese officials in a virtual event. Nepal’s foreign affairs minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi participated in the virtual event.

In practice, teams from both Nepal and China participated to re-measure the height of the mountain.

During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit in 2019, Nepal and China had agreed to jointly announce the revised height of the world’s tallest peak.

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