Hong Kong Protest: Authorities Put On The Demonstration Of Anti-Riot Water Cannons

Mumbai: The Hong Kong police authorities put on a demonstration of the water cannons on Monday that will be used against the protestors. The violent activities have increased in Hong Kong bringing Asia’s Financial Hub to a standstill. The authorities too have strengthened their sides as the protestors try out different tactics in order to make their demands heard by the government.

The demonstration included the blowing off of a dummy target with the help of the water cannons. These cannons were used for the first time after they were brought to Hong Kong in 2014 amidst the pro-democratic protest.

According to Reuters, three of the people who claimed to be the members of the protestors claimed that the police were using unnecessary force over the protestors and they demanded an investigation of the incidents of excessive force. The protestors are fearful that the police authorities are using forces and that could harm the people.

One of the three members said, “It’s not just the cannons. The police are using all sort of weapons to challenge the bottom line of Hong Kong people with their weapons… everyone here with a conscience can see this clearly.”

The police have used tear gas on various occasions when the black-shirted people came out for a protest with one young female medic getting shot in the right eyes. The groups Hong Kong director said, “Water Cannons are not a toy for Hong Kong police to deploy as a sign of strength…They are powerful weapons that might cause injury and death as well.

The Hong Kong protest started against the now-suspended Extradition bill which took the HK’s judiciary to China. The protest then evolved into a much bigger cause with demands like the resignation of the HK leader Carrie Lam, and a fight against one country two systems.

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