Hotelier Sanjeev Nanda: “Hospitality Sector In Dubai Has Bounced Back In The Most Exemplary Fashion”

The multitude of challenges posed by the global outbreak of the pandemic, especially with respect to the hospitality sector, is no new tale. Several businesses bore the brunt, with some even shutting down their operations permanently. However, the hospitality sector in Dubai has shown quite an exemplary resilience, says prominent hotelier Sanjeev Nanda.

According to Nanda, the emirate has tackled every challenge posed by the pandemic in an effective and timely manner, resulting in the speedy recovery of an erstwhile marred hospitality sector. “When it comes to overcoming the hurdles set by the Covid-19 outbreak, Dubai has emerged as a great learning example,” he said.

“The emirate maintained stringent health and safety protocols while developing domestic tourism, which by the way jumped up by a whopping 107 per cent and continues to grow steadily. Surmounting the slowdown and paving way for new opportunities has not been an easy feat, but Dubai nevertheless achieved it,” Sanjeev Nanda added.

Nanda, who runs a number of hotels and restaurants in Dubai, pointed out that several new concepts, such as staycations, have gained momentum in the months of economic recovery in the emirate. “Travelling domestically comes with great benefits, which the people going on staycations have now realized,” he said.

“Domestic travels usually entail savings on transportation costs, thus leaving the travellers with bigger budgets to spend on the entire experience: dining, shopping, and of course, the hotel. While on one hand, it generates more business for the local hospitality players, it also adds to the overall satisfaction of the travellers,” Sanjeev Nanda added.

The hospitality maven also suggested that the way forward for the hotels and restaurants in Dubai will focus more on further recovery through understanding and promptly responding to the changes in consumer behaviours that have been brought about by the pandemic. He also suggested that the incorporation of technology is going to play a major role in the recovery of the hospitality sector.

“Reimagining the customer experience is a must for hospitality players in the post-Covid world. There is a need to put past successes and credibility in the past and forge stronger relationships with the customers afresh. Safety and hygiene are the top priorities for guests today, something which the hotels and restaurants need to strictly comply with,” said Sanjeev Nanda.

“Hospitality has always been a people’s business. Offering great service to the customers is of the utmost importance today. Business owners and managers need to adopt strong retention strategies, along with providing the staff with corresponding training that sets the right foundation,” he added.

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