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How Level Up PR’s Founder Sahil Sachdeva Is Helping Clients Establish An Unparalleled Digital Presence

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Sahil Sachdeva’s unique strategy and goal-based approach to the PR of his firm’s clients make his firm worldwide. The Three Us followed by him is: unique, understandable and unparalleled.

“Bad reputation is like a beautiful tree with rotten fruits.” This phrase accurately represents why good PR is the very foundation of a successful venture.

Reputation management is the top concern of every leading brand right now. That is because they know that the public is the only real critic, and having a good reputation is what keeps you moving towards success at a uniform pace.

Sahil Sachdeva is the founder of Level Up PR, the leading global PR and marketing firm. As the founder of Level Up PR,Level Up PR, he has helped many businesses and individuals level up their public relations in the most eccentric manner with 100% results. Collectively, his brand has helped 1000+ clients globally and the unmatched service has led to 214% growth of its own. Since the pandemic, he recognized the rise in the need for PR and took up the role to provide significant media coverage to every one of his brand’s clients.
Sahil shares his 3U approach with us to give a deeper meaning to his work in the PR agency.


PR is anything but generic. To stand out, one has to be unique, and show what difference they bring to the world. For Sahil, this is the foundation of Level Up PR. Every client’s media coverage and social media efforts focus on their distinct features and ideas.
All are weaved into a great plan that serves as the roadmap toward successful PR. From press articles to reputation management, Sahil believes in the power of being different and focuses on it for the clients.


Jargons have never really been at the forefront of any type of content, especially for first encounters. In that instance, Sahil guides his team to create a simple but not simplistic story for the clients. For example, if someone is creating a Health Supplement, Sahil and his team will make sure that anyone who comes across the brand knows the “What, why, and how” of it.

Hence, Sahil is not just helping brands and individuals in building good PR, but also spreading awareness about their products/services.


Unparalleled means no comparison with anyone else. Sahil helps his clients become number one in their respective industries. From consultation to media coverage, he ensures that his clients are always on the top of the race to success and recognition. This has helped many of his clients gain thousands and even millions of followers in a short life span.

Sahil is a passionate individual who has always been recognized in the industry as a person with immense potential. From being a singer, actor, intellectual, and PR dominating figure, he proves that anything can be achieved with a clear vision. To know more about his work, visit here.

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