How Pandemic Impact Sehnoor’s Personal And Professional Life

Mumbai: As India continues to reel under the Coronavirus pandemic, a new survey reveals that the lockdown imposed to contain the virus has drastically affected the work-life balance of several people owing to salary cuts and layoffs. nearly 50 per cent of respondents believe that coronavirus-related lockdown has affected their work-life balance. However, the growth in the job market will depend on the economic condition of the country.

Bollywood Actress Sehnoor came up and spoke about the changes that have been seen before and after the lockdown, Sehnoor quoted, “It’s been a hell of a year. So much loss, so much sadness, anger, and fear. I am overwhelmed and I am sure many of you are too. Be with ur loved ones or a friend or someone u love the most and share what’s going on in our day to day life . Especially if you suffer from mental health issues. If you are a parent (CHECK IN ON YOUR KIDS !!! Very important ) they are not ok all the time. The COVID -19 pandemic has been continuing to unfold and affect many people of different ethnic, political, economic, and environmental issues !! The main thing that should be considered is to treat people equally and try to be understanding of differences. This is a complicated world but it is often made more complicated than it had to be. 

She further added, ”Treat others as you wish to be treated and things will work out in the end. And always remember to trust in the power of the lord. Ps; look out after your mental health today and every day. Taking time away from the busy world and social media can really help. I hope everyone is doing well, especially in a hard time like this, but also in general. Sending love and strength to everyone and we are in this together.”

On the work front, Sehnoor’s ‘Girlfriend’ Song received a good response from her fans and in the coming times, she is preparing for her much-awaited music video which she will be announced soon. Sehnoor is coming with some more exciting projects in the future.

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