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How To Fight With Depression

Observe your symptoms and talk about it with close ones

Depression is the most undiagnosed and undertreated condition. One thing which we need to understand is, depression is one of the serious matter. Depression is not like headache that you pop in a pain killer and you will be sorted. No, it needs to be understand and treated accordingly.

What comes in your mind when you hear the word “Depression”? 

It is a medical condition that will negatively affect the person’s ability to think, to feel and to act. The person will have lack of self confidence and upset personality. It can lead to variations in emotional and physical capabilities of a person. One will not able to enjoy their favourite activities or hobbies. Fortunately depression can be treated.

Symptoms of Depression.

1.Feeling low all the time.

2.Loss of interest.

3.Change in appetite.

4.Mood swings.

5.Insomnia (lack of sleep).

6.Feeling worthless.

7.Thoughts of suicide

Causes of depression.

1.Substance abuse.

2.Other abuses(physical or emotional abuse).

3.Ongoing medications.

4.Loss of loved ones.


6.Other medical illness (for instance; cancer)

How to cure depression.

  1. Eat healthy.

A diet high in transfats may trigger depression. Opt for good fats like vegetable oils (PUFA), fresh fish(omega 3 fatty acids). Try to have fresh foods instead of processed ones.

2.Adequate sleep.

Depression can have a toll on your sleep due to stress and anxiety, try to sleep atleast 8 hours in a day.

3.Pour your heart out.

Talk about your feelings to a family member, companian, friend, therapist or anyone you trust. Don’t keep your feelings inside it will burden you.

4.Stress management.

Try to avoid negative feelings or situations. Go for a early morning walk, meditate, perform exercises, this will release endorphins (feel good hormone), which will help your body to function.

5.Try to observe.

Observe your symptoms and talk about it, nowadays teenage depression is very common, parents should observe their kids behaviour, if they find anything wrong they should talk about it with kids and not to others. Cause of teenage depression can be anything from obesity, getting good marks, competition amongst classmates, or anything else. Try to analyse what’s happening with your children ,understand them and take actions accordingly.

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