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How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Working

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You are deeply engrossed in some work and a notification pops up on your phone. You just received a message from your friend. You leave what you were doing and pick up your phone to reply. Before you know it’s already 60 minutes since you left your work.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? I think we all relate to this at some point.

Distraction is something that easily can dislocate us from our targets.  It can be of many types and forms. Distraction leads us to procrastination and delay in target completion.

The first step in realising that procrastination is a natural part of life is to recognise that there are tactics that can help you stop procrastinating and get back to you. In this article, we’ll go through these tactics and understand some tips on how to make the most of each day.

But first, let’s define procrastination. Simply explained, procrastination is the act of delaying completing a task that must be completed within a certain amount of time. There are a variety of reasons why people procrastinate and look for ways to delay starting or finishing work.

How to Stop Procrastination

To stop procrastinating, first, outline your goals and then figure out how procrastination will keep you from accomplishing them. The next step is to establish a plan of action based on the information you’ve gathered, and then put it into action while refining it as you go.

Here are a few tips

  1. Sketch your targets every morning– Writing a simple to-do-list the first thing in the morning is an essential task so that you are mentally prepared for the day
  2. Divide your task into smaller portions– Taking a task that seems difficult to complete in one go might make you a bit lazy. When you divide the tasks into smaller chunks you focus on the little parts which seem comparatively easy to complete.
  3. Set Systems– Making sure that you set a system and work on the process can lead you to reach your goals faster.
  4. Focus on your strong point– Observe yourself. When are you the most energetic in the day? Prepare for that hour. Try to complete all the difficult tasks in that span.
  5. Reward yourself– Whenever you complete your task, make sure you reward your efforts. No matter however small the reward is, make it count.
  6. Identify the problem– Analyse yourself. When in the day do you procrastinate the most? How do you procrastinate and why? You would notice a pattern in your behaviour and actions. Break the pattern and establish a new one.
  7. Establish a routine– Always remember, it’s not when you do different things every day that leads you to success. It’s when you do the same things every day that helps you to get what you desire. Make sure to build habits that will benefit you in the long term. Push your limits and challenge yourself every day to do better.

Procrastination is a difficult problem to overcome, but if you are prepared to take the required steps to build a decent plan of action and then put in the effort to follow through on that plan, you have a good chance of succeeding.

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