“I Think That film Cannot Be Remade” Kajol On DDLJ Remake

Mumbai : DDLJ starrer Kajol says neither her co-star Shah Rukh Khan, nor director Aditya Chopra or she can take credit for the success of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.  Kajol is all set for her upcoming film ‘Helicopter Eela’. The film is based on the Gujarati play titled Beta, Kaagdo by Anand Gandhi, the story of Eela revolves around a single mother and an aspiring singer (played by Kajol) and her relationship with her son.

Meanwhile when she was asked weather the remake of DDLJ is possible she said  “I think that film cannot be remade. Even at that time when film made we never knew that whether  what we have made was good film or bad one”.

“But the phenomenon which has been created around it was all because the audience appreciate it and took it to another level. I have met  people who got married after watching that film and they are passing on that film to their next generation. So none of us whether it’s Shah Rukh or Adult or Amrishji (Puri) or me can’t take credit for the success of that film” she added.

‘Helicopter Eela will hit the theaters on 12th of October whereas comparing real life mother and the role of mother she plays in the film who constantly keeps eye on her child’s life, Kajol said  “I would say I am 50 per cent of Eela in real life. I agree that she is bit over the top character but she really loves and takes care of her child. Most mothers around us pay extra attention to their child’s life like a Helicopter constantly on their heads that’s why we named the film Helicopter Eela.”

The film is directed by Pradeep Sarkar,  written by Mitesh Shah and co-produced by Ajay Devgn and jayantilal Gada of Pen India LTD.

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