If Anything Is Good For BJP, It’s Fatal For Country: Rahul On ‘Agnipath’

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Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said anything which is “good” for BJP, it is “fatal” for the country

Gandhi’s attack on the prime minister came a day after PM Modi referred to the Agnipath scheme for military recruitment, saying the decisions and reforms may be unpleasant temporarily, but with time, the country would experience their benefits. Also Read: Some Decisions Seem Unfair But They Help In Building Nation: PM Amid Protests

“Mr Prime Minister, the people of the country are suffering every day as a result of your reforms that show benefits with time. Demonetisation, wrong GST, CAA, record inflation, record unemployment, black agricultural laws and now the attack of Agnipath. What the BJP says is good is fatal for the country,” Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi.

Modi, who remained silent on the violent protests against the Agneepath scheme, said the path of startup and innovation was not easy and taking the country on this path in the last eight years was not easy either.

“Many decisions and reforms may be temporarily unpleasant, but with time the country can take advantage of them,” the prime minister said in Karnataka on Monday.

Several opposition parties have stepped up their attack on the government over the Agnipath scheme in recent days amid large-scale protests against it in several parts of the country. BJP ally Janata Dal (United) has also sought a rethink of the scheme.

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