“If PM Can Speak Hindi Internationally, What Are We Embarrassed About?”: Amit Shah

He urged people to take a pledge to use Hindi along with their mother tongues

Mumbai: 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas to commemorate the adoption of Hindi in Devanagari script as one of the official languages of the nation. On Hindi Diwas, Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the people.

He said that if our PM cab speak Hindi Internationally, what are we ashamed of? “Being ‘Atmanirbhar’ is not just about producing within the country, we’ve to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ even with languages. If PM can speak Hindi internationally, what are we embarrassed about? Gone are the days when speaking in Hindi was a matter of concern,’’ Amit Shah said.

He tweeted and said that the progress of India is contained in coordination of mother tongues and Hindi language. He has urged people to speak Hindi along with other languages as Language is the most powerful medium to express emotions.

“Language is the most powerful medium to express emotion. Other than being the base of our cultural consciousness and national unity, Hindi also serves as a bridge between ancient civilization and modernity and progress. Under the leadership of Modi ji, we are continuously committed to the parallel development of Hindi and all the other Indian languages,” Shah said in another tweet.

Hindi is spoken by around 260 million natives. It was recognized as one of the official language of India in 1950 by the Constitution. According to Berlitz, Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language in the world. The linguistic diversity of the country explains the high rate of non-native Hindi Speakers.

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