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Igniting The Spirit Of Female Entrepreneurship

Who says dreams don’t come true? Do dreams come true? They did for Atika, Founder and CEO of Breaking Barriers! Dreams can come true if we muster up the courage to pursue them.

Atika was fascinated with human behaviour from childhood. Very early in life, she began noticing the manner in which people would think, feel and act. Her keen observation led her to see with clarity how people would think and feel but act in a contrary manner.

The question that plagued her little mind was why people cannot be in sync with their thoughts and emotions and consequently live in disharmony. The question that people felt something but expressed the opposite intrigued her immensely. She started feeling a strong magnetic attachment to mental wellness and wanted to unravel this mystery of inconsistency in human behavior. She strived to understand the reason behind people’s fears, inadequacies and insecurities. She dreamt of doing something impactful in the field of mental wellness by getting in touch with their inner strength to overcome discord in life. Determined to make a difference, she began her journey in trying to make her dream come true and worked relentlessly to realize it. With a positive attitude, pure hard work and perseverance Atika turned her dream into living reality.

“According to the World Health Organization, mental illness is the biggest cause of disability and directly affects the brain and life cycle. Mental health is indubitably related to a positive sense of mental well-being and it doesn’t come easy for everyone. One needs to accept and deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Passion, compassion and professionalism are the 3 major hallmarks, pillars and facilitators to become an enterprising successful entrepreneur. I guess I had the perfect blend of all three to reach the pinnacle of my life.” she says, describing the emotional upliftment she herself has received from helping those who were seeking emotional support for mental wellness.

Atika has masters in Counseling Psychology from Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences and NLP Practitioner (Dr Richard Bandler). Atika is regarded as an expert in her field and has been perceptibly quoted in Media Publications such as Asian Age, NDTV Goodtimes etc.

Atika is passionate about empowering individuals to lead a more productive and fulfilling life. She is a powerful facilitator who guides and inspires her clients to overcome obstacles, fears, inadequacies and mental constraints. She assists them to surpass barriers for further growth and progress in their personal and professional lives.
Atika has been actively involved in the field of mental and emotional well-being for over a decade and founded her own practice “Breaking Barriers®” in 2013. She has worked with the leading organizations like Max Healthcare, Naz Foundation, Sanjivini Society for Mental Health and National Commission for Women (NRI Cell). Furthermore, she has conducted successful consulting assignments with Delhi University, IndusInd Bank and Times Internet as well.

Atika has actively counselled and supported over 2500+ clients, covering a wide range of issues such as marital distress, self-esteem issues, occupational stress, suicide, parenting challenges, relationship problems, personality disorders and mental health problems. She has made a discernible impact on the lives of her clients which justly reflects in her testimonies and feedback ratings.

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