India Believes In Winning Hearts Not Land: Defence Rajnath Singh

Mumbai: On the eve of India’s 74th Independence Day, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that India as a democracy does not believe in attacking other countries and needs to do it “as an act of self-defense.”

“If an enemy country attacks us, we will respond as vigorously as every time. Whatever we do in the realm of national security, we always do it for self-defense and not for attacking others.”

He said that India is “winning hearts, not land”, believing China to shoot its arrows against the backdrop of the recent flare-up along the Line of Actual Control.

“India believes in winning hearts, not on land. However, this does not mean that we will let anyone’s self-respect be hurt. History is a witness to the fact that India never attacked anyone or tried to occupy the land of any other country,” Singh told the armed forces.

The defence minister said that the central government would do anything in its capacity to ensure sovereignty and maintain operational requirements in times of crisis

Singh said, “I assure you that the government is doing all that is necessary to maintain your operational requirement.”

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