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India-China Agrees On Terms Not To Turn ‘Differences Into Disputes’

Mumbai: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying on Monday said that India and China have agreed not to turn differences into disputes.  

Amid the growing tensions along the LAC, India, and China have settled their terms on maintaining close communication on resolving border issues through diplomatic and military channels.

The information was disclosed by the Chinese Ambassador to India, Sun Weidong who tweeted, “Chinese FM Spokesperson Hua Chunying: Border areas situation was discussed during the meeting b/t Chinese & Indian military officials on Jun 6. #China & #India have maintained close communication on resolving border issues through diplomatic & military channels.”

Hua further said that the overall situation in the border areas is generally stable and under control.

Earlier on Saturday, Indian and Chinese military commanders exchanged words in Moldo, the Chinese side of the LAC, upon the escalating border issues.

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