India To Supply 10 Million Doses Of Coronavirus Vaccine To Africa, 1 Million To UN Health Workers: MEA

Mumbai: The Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that India has given more than 5.5 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to neighbouring countries.

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Addressing a weekly briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said on Thursday that India plans to provide vaccine supplements in Oman, CARICOM countries, Nicaragua, Pacific island states.

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Srivastava said that there are plans to give 1 crore or 10 million vaccine supplements to Africa in New Delhi and 10 lakh vaccines to UN health workers under the COVAX facility (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization).

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Srivastava said, “Many countries are interested in taking the vaccine from India. As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that India sees international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic. We have played the role of the first responder in the neighbourhood.”

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“From 20th January 2021 onward, we have gifted over 55 lakh doses of coronavirus vaccines to our neighbouring countries and in the extended neighbourhood–1.5 lakh to Bhutan, 1 lakh to Maldives, Mauritius and Bahrain, 10 lakhs to Nepal, 20 lakhs to Bangladesh, 15 lakhs to Myanmar, 50,000 to Seychelles, 5 lakh to Sri Lanka. In the coming days, We plan to gift further quantity to Oman that is of 1 lakh doses, 5 lakh doses to CARICOM countries. 2 lakh to Nicaragua, 2 lakh doses to the Pacific island state,” he added.

He said that these supplies are based on the request of these countries. India, Srivastava said, plans for commercial exports of coronavirus virus to Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Canada, Mongolia and other countries.

“On a commercial level, the export has taken place for Brazil Morocco and Bangladesh. Further supplies to countries on commercial bases are likely to take place to Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Canada Mongolia and other countries. We plan to supply 1 crore or 10 million vaccine doses to Africa and 10 lakh to United Nations health workers under GAVI,” he said.

India began a nationwide vaccination drive against the coronavirus on January 16. An estimated 3 crore people will be vaccinated in the first phase in the largest vaccination drive in the world

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