India Warns Twitter For Showing Leh And J&K In China

Mumbai: The Indian government has issued a warning against misrepresenting the country map on the micro-blogging website Twitter. Ajay Sahni, Secretary in the Ministry of Electronics and IT, said in a strong word to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that the government has strictly rejected such misrepresentation of the country’s map.

Sohni said in the letter that such efforts, while bringing disagreement on Twitter, also questioned the neutrality and impartiality of the social media platform.

Asked on Twitter to respect the sensitivity of Indian citizens, the Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and IT wrote in communication that any attempt by Twitter to disrespect India’s sovereignty and integrity, which is also reflected by the maps, is completely unacceptable and also illegal.

His statement came after Twitter had displayed the geo-location of Leh (headquarter of the union territory of Ladakh) and Jammu and Kashmir in the People’s Republic of China.

However, resolving the technical issue Twitter later issued a statement saying, “We became aware of this technical issue on Sunday, and understand and respect the sensitivities around it. Teams have worked swiftly to investigate and resolve the concerned geotag issue.”

The misrepresentation by Twitter came amidst the ongoing border dispute between India and China. The development also came just weeks after China refused to recognize the “illegally set up union territory of Ladakh while opposing infrastructure development by India there.

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