Indian, Chinese Troops Disengage At Three Locations In Eastern Ladakh

Mumbai: Indian and Chinese troops have been displaced to the ground at several locations in eastern Ladakh, ahead of the next round of military talks to begin this week ANI reported. 

Top government sources told ANI that talks between the two armies are scheduled to take place this week at several locations including Patrolling Point 14 (Galvan area), Patrolling Point 15, and Hot Springs area.

Due to the talks over the next few days and the lieutenant general-level talks held on 6 June, the Chinese military has pulled back 2 to 2.5 kilometers to the Ladakh Valley, PP-15, and Hot Springs in the eastern Ladakh region.

Sources said that to withdraw the Chinese insurgency, the Indian side recovered some of its troops and vehicles from these areas.

Sources said these points are under discussion at the battalion commander level and have held hotline talks with their counterparts.

It said that preliminary talks are taking place in these areas, Chinese activities have started in East Ladakh also from this place.

(With ANI Inputs)

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