Indian Premier League To Have Extra Umpire, For Monitoring No Balls

Mumbai: As Indian Premier League witnessed poor on-field umpiring regarding front-foot no-balls, the upcoming season could introduce an extra umpire to handle no-balls ANI reported.

A BCCI source told ANI, “We are looking for a special umpire to monitor No Ball so that they can be detected early and not to avoid replays and awkward situations.”

The source also confirmed that the idea of ​​’power players’ will not be implemented in the next edition of the tournament. The power player would have allowed each team to make one substitute per game.

“The power player rule cannot be enforced because the time for its implementation and planning is too short and we don’t want to take chances,” the source said.

The next year’s IPL may also see a big period for the tournament as the Governing Council wants to play more matches in the evening.

Well, the IPL has been known to last for 45 days. During the weekend, two matches are played on one day with one game starting at 4 pm and the other starting at 8 pm.

“We are playing more matches in the evening and reducing the number of games played during the day. This allows the IPL to be played longer than usual,” the source said.

The source also said that the board is trying to get IPL teams to compete against foreign teams to use the term non-IPL.

“We are exploring options so that IPL teams can play against teams outside the IPL so that they can be used during the IPL as well. We will try to take some more important decisions in the coming times. Sports and tournaments.” Source ended.

(With ANI Inputs)

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