iNSTRUCKO EdTech Company Raises Pre-Series A Funding From A Clutch Of Global Investors

The world’s first one-to-one language learning platform using storytelling methods

Mumbai:  iNSTRUCKO, an EdTech Company, is the world’s first one-to-one language learning platform committed to providing high-quality tailored language lessons to students aged 3-12 years. With its vision, iNSTRUCKO has raised an undisclosed amount in Pre Series A funding from Virgin Group, MVK Group Venture Capital firm based in London, and a consortium of venture capitalists across London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Switzerland.

Based out of the UK with offices in London, Mumbai, and Delhi, iNSTRUCKO delivers interactive digital content live from highly accredited and skilled teachers who have been trained at prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and other Ivy League institutions. The aim at iNSTRUCKO is to foster a lifelong love of learning, where the teachers are always open to honest feedback to build a programme that works for the child.

The company plans to use the funding to expand the brand’s customer base across India, Middle East, Singapore, and the UK. It will also develop new content and expand the scope of its existing partnership with establishments such as Eton College, one of the most prestigious high schools in the world established in 1440 by King Henry VI.

While English is taught by many schools in India, very often it does not translate into strong oratory skills, and speaking English correctly remains a preserve of a small fraction of the overall population. To make matters worse, the individuality of learners takes a back seat with a teacher to student ratio of 1:26. Since its inception in April 2020, iNSTRUCKO has been on a mission to deliver interactive content tailored to meet the learner’s needs on an individual basis, with a focus on sharpening the child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills: something that will hold them in good stead if they wish to pursue further education abroad. iNSTRUCKO has hired experts from the University of Oxford to create an international curriculum to gear up children for a global future.

Devvaki Aggarwal, CEO of iNSTRUCKO said, “iNSTRUCKO believes that each learner is different, and we have created a team of global educationists to create the highest quality of content and tailor it to each learner’s needs. Our learning objectives are clearly defined, which will not only help the child with language development but also help the child with critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and life-skills.

Additionally, our uniquely designed curriculum also aligns with the recent announcement of the government’s New Education Policy (NEP), 2020. This is because of our teaching method, which is based on interactive storytelling methods, activities, and games to help stimulate the cognitive ability of the child. After thousands of hours of research and analysis, we have developed a unique international curriculum that teaches lessons to children using 500 unique stories that cultivate knowledge and will help the child inside and outside the classroom. While academics are very important, we play a huge role in developing the child holistically and instilling empathy through our stories.”

On funding, Devvaki Aggarwal added, “With this round of funding, we are aiming at building our position as a leading premium education brand across India. Our focus is on delivering top-quality courses designed by experts from the UK and India with strict attention to detail, such as capping the number of students in a group at three. This enables us to carve a niche for ourselves in the fast-growing education technology sector and more importantly provide quality lessons with clearly defined learning objectives.”

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