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Is ‘Conker App” By Conker World Pvt.Ltd Slated To Raise 100 Crore Via Seed Funding?

If the grapevine is to be believed, this would be the biggest ever news around the startup space

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Conker World Pvt. Ltd. founded by Arvind Arora and Sachin Upadhyay has introduced ‘Conker App’, which was formerly known as ‘A2 App’ which is designed to take the educative sector to the next level. This breakthrough education app offers training based on skills of the individuals who wish to transition from stereotype learning environment and focus on personal skills.

Looking at the vast potential of its product, many investors have shown interest in the startup which has managed to close its pre-seed round of USD 300K early this year in February. The reason they have got such tremendous support is owing to their unique model which will target the maximum of vernacular speaking population across the country and train them to be self sustainable and contribute towards the gig economy.

The android App has already made its mark with more than 5 lakh installs already taken place, also securing its place amongst the top 10 apps with a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Play store, being reviewed by more than 55,000 users. After its successful pre-seed round, there are unconfirmed reports now of Conker raising a seed funding of around 100 crore this May within a gap of just four months after its first funding took place. If this news is indeed true, then it would be one of the biggest achievements by any startup in recent times. According to reports apart from angel investors, there are two renowned venture capitalists who are expected to be a part of this funding round which is unusual as venture capitalists generally don’t prefer being a part of any startup’s seed funding. Conker is one of the few startups which has managed to draw wide attention owing to its outstanding concept which is set to revolutionize the education industry.

To know more about this amazing educational app, visit its official website – www.conkerworld.com.

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