It’s Funny We Are Passing Trophy To Each Other: MS Dhoni

Mumbai: One of he most thrilling night it was as  IPL 2019 final took place in Hyderabad we’re Mumbai Indians clinched the title for the fourth time, won the match by just one run against Chennai Super Kings.

MI is the only one who defeated CSK four times in the season due to which it is known for the best team in IPL.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni was having some fun moment in match presentation while describing the final match he said it was funny to have in which the two teams kept passing the trophy to each other.

It was a nail baiting game as the match went to the last ball of the match were CSK needed 2 runs of 1 ball but Shardul couldn’t manage to time the slower one ball from Lasith Malinga and caught lbw due to which Mumbai Indians won by one run.

After hood starts my CSK openers Mumbai Indians made fabulous come back in middle over who Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga the match turned to MI side.

Dhoni said, “Today was a game that we should have done a bit better, it was a very fun game, we were giving each other a trophy. Both of them made mistakes, and after all, the winning team was the one that committed one mistake less,” said Dhoni after CSK fell short by just one run, chasing 150.

He said, “We had a good season as a team, but we needed to go back and reflect, not one of those years where we had very good cricket. The middle order was never clicked, but Somehow we managed.”

He said, “Our bowlers really did well, it was not 150 wickets, but the bowlers kept us in the hunt. In fact, they needed to get wickets when needed. Batting, somebody kept trying and we won Staying constant even next year. We have to think really hard,

Now the focus is all in the world cup in England after that will look after CSK again.

“It’s too early to say right now (about next year’s plans). Up next is the World Cup. That’s the first priority. After that, we will chat about CSK. Nothing against the bowlers, but the batsmen could’ve done better. Hopefully yes, we’ll see you next year,” he said.

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