Kangana Ranaut Hints At Leaving Film Industry

Mumbai: Renowned Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has hinted at a potential departure from the glitzy world of Indian cinema to enter the realm of politics following the Lok Sabha Elections in 2024. Expressing her discontent with the industry, Ranaut labelled Bollywood as ‘fake’ and criticized its insincerity in a recent interview with Aaj Tak.

“The film world is a lie, everything there is fake. They create a very different environment. It is a glossy world like a fake bubble which is to attract the audience. This is the reality,” Ranaut remarked, shedding light on her disillusionment with the entertainment industry.

Despite her success in acting, Ranaut has always harboured a passion for creative engagement beyond just performing. Her diverse involvement in filmmaking, including directing, underscores her desire for multifaceted expression within the realm of storytelling.

Set to make her political debut, Ranaut has announced her intentions to contest elections from her hometown Mandi, representing the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Currently immersed in campaign activities, she aims to bring about meaningful change in the political landscape.

Ranaut’s directorial venture, “Emergency,” which delves into the tumultuous period of Indira Gandhi’s emergency rule from 1975 to 1977, was slated for release in June. However, the film’s premiere has been postponed. In the movie, Ranaut portrays the role of the formidable Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

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