Kashmiri Pandits Will Return To Their Homeland, Govt Will Fulfil Its Promise: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Chauhan called it "black day" and said he would be written in "black letters in Indian history"

Mumbai: On the 30th anniversary of the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits of Kashmir Valley, BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chauhan said on Saturday that the Center is committed to ensuring the community return to their homeland.

“The injustice was done to our Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters, the dent on their pride can never be forgotten. We cannot even eradicate the pain of becoming refugees in our own country, but we (Kashmir Pandits) will come back (to the motherland), is a promise of our government and will be fulfilled,” Chouhan tweeted.

In another tweet, the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister urged everyone to come together to “add to the beauty of paradise on earth, Kashmir” and to return the homes and rights of Kashmiri Pandits to them.”


Chauhan called it “black day” and said he would be written in “black letters in Indian history”.

“30 years back on this very day lakhs of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters were forced to leave their homes and live as homeless people. This is the black day on which these innocent and simple people became refugees in their own country and there was no one to wipe away their tears,” Chouhan’s tweet read.

“We are ashamed for the atrocities on our Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters. We cannot feel the torture which they have felt living in their own homes and country. Those days will be written in dark letters in India’s history,” another tweet by him read.

January 19 is remembered by Kashmiri Pandits as “Exodus Day” as Kashmiri Pandits mark the exodus of members of the Valley community in the wake of the outbreak of terrorism.

About 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave the valley after January 19, 1990, as they were targets of extremist attacks.

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