Ladakh Records 49 Fresh COVID-19 Positive Cases

Mumbai: Officials said on Tuesday that more than forty-five people in Ladakh had tested positive for coronavirus and confirmed that the number of such cases rose to 4,152, while 32 such patients were discharged after successful treatment.

Officials said that there were no reports of any COVID-related deaths during the past 24 hours.

He said that the number of active COVID-19 cases in this area is 1,030 – 621 in Leh district and 409 in Kargil district.

Of the total positive reports received on Monday, 43 positive sample reports were received by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Leh and six positive sample reports, officials said.

He said that 32 patients had been discharged by CMO Leh and three by CMO Kargil as they had recovered from the infection, so far the total number of patients in UT was 3,064.

The epidemic outbreak in Ladakh in March recorded 58 deaths. 34 patients died in Kargil, while the remaining 24 died due to infection in Leh district.

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